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My Amiga Collection

There are many Amiga computers shown on the internet, but these are mine.

Amiga 1000

This is a basic Amiga 1000. It's First Edition (with the signatures on the inside of the lid). It has the 256Mb RAM upgrade behind the front panel. Future plans are: Add HDD, add Kickstart Mod.

Amiga 500

Stock Amiga 500. Not Modified. Future plans are: Add RAM, Add HDD, add Kickstart Switcher.

Amiga 1200

Revison 1D.4 Amiga 1200, with Indivision AGA MK2 (DVI) and Indivision ACA1233-40, CF Card HDD. Future plans are: Put it in a Tower Case, with Mediator PCI board and ATI Radeon 9250 graphics card for True Colour high resolution Workbench and proper 100mb networking, plus Amiga 4000 keyboard. All hardware for this already purchased.

Amiga 3000

Stock Amiga 3000. However I have an A2065 Network Card, and plan to install Amiga UNIX (AMIX) onto it at some point