[Guide to AmigaDOS 3\About AmigaDOS 3 - AmigaGuide Format] 
 		"AmigaDOS 3 commands - AmigaGuide Format" 
 		    An Andromeda release in august 1995 
 About this guide: 
 Well, finally it has reached your hands: The complete AmigaDOS 3 manual in 
 AmigaGuide format. Hypertext is a much more convinient format than ordinary 
 text files, so I guess this guide will make things a bit easier for you. 
 This guide was built on an ordinary text file called "AmigaDOS 3 Commands". 
 I really don't know who originally typed it, since there were no credits 
 included. Neither was there referenced to any source. 
 Nevertheless, the strange thing about the original text file was that it 
 looked like it had been created using some sort of scanning & converting- 
 technique. But it also had spelling mistakes which I doubt came from the 
 original source... 
 It took me quite some time to complete this vast hypertext documentation, 
 mainly because I wanted to add an improved structure to it, but also because 
 I searched for all kind of bugs while editing it. 
 My original intentions were to release this documentation in March 1995, but 
 due to a vast amount of schoolwork and other activites, I just had to wait 
 until now. 
 I have added some of my own comments to this documentation, mainly to be 
 found in the "NB! sentences". Furthermore I've tried to test out as many of 
 the examples as possible. Please notice that the following subjects are not 
 covered or they have references to a subject whith isn't covered: ED, EDIT, 
 Yours, Hydra of Andromeda 

Converted from AmigaGuide format to basic HTML by Jaruzel.