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This is a constantly updated list of the classic Doctor Who episodes in my collection, complete with episode descriptions and ratings (added when I watch each story; I am working my way through them in broadcast order). It is mainly for my own reference so I can keep track of where I am. If you have any questions regarding this list, or Classic Doctor Who in general , please feel free to contact me.

517Spearhead from SpaceJon Pertwee03-Jan-7044.0AllLinkBlu-Ray
527The SiluriansJon Pertwee31-Jan-7074.0All (Colourised)LinkDVD
537The Ambassadors of DeathJon Pertwee21-Mar-7073.5AllLinkDVD
547InfernoJon Pertwee09-May-7074.5AllDVD
558Terror of the AutonsJon Pertwee02-Jan-7143.5All (Colourised)LinkDVD
568The Mind of EvilJon Pertwee30-Jan-7164.0AllDVD
578The Claws of AxosJon Pertwee13-Mar-7140.0AllNo
588Colony in SpaceJon Pertwee10-Apr-7160.0AllNo
598The DaemonsJon Pertwee22-May-7150.0AllNo
609Day of the DaleksJon Pertwee01-Jan-7240.0AllNo
619The Curse of PeladonJon Pertwee29-Jan-7240.0AllNo
629The Sea DevilsJon Pertwee26-Feb-7260.0AllLinkDVD
639The MutantsJon Pertwee08-Apr-7260.0AllNo
649The Time MonsterJon Pertwee20-May-7260.0AllNo
6510The Three DoctorsJon Pertwee30-Dec-7240.0AllNo
6610Carnival of MonstersJon Pertwee27-Jan-7340.0AllNo
6710Frontier in SpaceJon Pertwee24-Feb-7360.0AllNo
6810Planet of the DaleksJon Pertwee07-Apr-7360.0All (3 b&w)No
6910The Green DeathJon Pertwee19-May-7360.0AllNo
7011The Time WarriorJon Pertwee15-Dec-7340.0AllNo
7111Invasion of the DinosaursJon Pertwee12-Jan-7460.0All (1 b&w)No
7211Death to the DaleksJon Pertwee23-Feb-7440.0AllNo
7311The Monster of PeladonJon Pertwee23-Mar-7460.0AllNo
7411Planet of the SpidersJon Pertwee04-May-7460.0AllNo

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