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This is a constantly updated list of the classic Doctor Who episodes in my collection, complete with episode descriptions and ratings (added when I watch each story; I am working my way through them in broadcast order). It is mainly for my own reference so I can keep track of where I am. If you have any questions regarding this list, or Classic Doctor Who in general , please feel free to contact me.

304The Power of the DaleksPatrick Troughton05-Nov-6663.0Recon & AnimatedDVD
314The HighlandersPatrick Troughton17-Dec-6642.5None (Recon Only)Divx
324The Underwater MenacePatrick Troughton14-Jan-6743.02,3Divx/DVD
334The MoonbasePatrick Troughton11-Feb-6744.52,4LinkDivx
344The Macra TerrorPatrick Troughton11-Mar-6742.0NoneDivx
354The Faceless OnesPatrick Troughton08-Apr-6764.01,3Divx
364The Evil of the DaleksPatrick Troughton20-May-6773.52Divx
375The Tomb of the CybermenPatrick Troughton02-Sep-6745.0All (Revisitations3)LinkDVD
385The Abominable SnowmenPatrick Troughton30-Sep-6762.52Divx/DVD
395The Ice WarriorsPatrick Troughton11-Nov-6762.01,(2,3 Ani),4-6LinkDVD
405The Enemy of the WorldPatrick Troughton23-Dec-6764.0AllLinkDVD
415The Web of FearPatrick Troughton03-Feb-6863.01-2,4-6LinkDVD
425Fury From the DeepPatrick Troughton16-Mar-6862.5NoneDivx
435The Wheel in SpacePatrick Troughton27-Apr-6864.03,6Divx/DVD
446The DominatorsPatrick Troughton10-Aug-6852.0AllLinkDVD
456The Mind RobberPatrick Troughton14-Sep-6851.0AllLinkDVD
466The InvasionPatrick Troughton02-Nov-6884.52,3,5-8LinkDVD
476The KrotonsPatrick Troughton28-Dec-6844.0AllLinkDVD
486The Seeds of DeathPatrick Troughton25-Jan-6963.5AllLinkDVD
496The Space PiratesPatrick Troughton08-Mar-6862.52Divx/DVD
506The War GamesPatrick Troughton19-Apr-69105.0AllLinkDVD

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