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This is a constantly updated list of the classic Doctor Who episodes in my collection, complete with episode descriptions and ratings (added when I watch each story; I am working my way through them in broadcast order). It is mainly for my own reference so I can keep track of where I am. If you have any questions regarding this list, or Classic Doctor Who in general , please feel free to contact me.

7512RobotTom Baker28-Dec-7440.0AllNo
7612The Ark in SpaceTom Baker25-Jan-7540.0AllNo
7712The Sontaran ExperimentTom Baker22-Feb-7520.0AllNo
7812Genesis of the DaleksTom Baker08-Mar-7560.0AllNo
7912Revenge of the CybermenTom Baker19-Apr-7540.0AllNo
8013Terror of the ZygonsTom Baker30-Aug-7540.0AllNo
8113Planet of EvilTom Baker27-Sep-7540.0AllNo
8213Pyramids of MarsTom Baker25-Oct-7540.0AllNo
8313The Android InvasionTom Baker22-Nov-7540.0AllNo
8413The Brain of MorbiusTom Baker03-Jan-7640.0AllNo
8513The Seeds of DoomTom Baker31-Jan-7660.0AllDivx
8614The Masque of MandragoraTom Baker04-Sep-7640.0AllNo
8714The Hand of FearTom Baker02-Oct-7640.0AllNo
8814The Deadly AssassinTom Baker30-Oct-7640.0AllNo
8914The Face of EvilTom Baker01-Jan-7740.0AllNo
9014The Robots of DeathTom Baker29-Jan-7740.0AllNo
9114The Talons of Weng ChiangTom Baker26-Feb-7760.0AllNo
9215Horror of Fang RockTom Baker03-Sep-7740.0AllNo
9315The Invisible EnemyTom Baker01-Oct-7740.0AllNo
9415Image of the FendahlTom Baker29-Oct-7740.0AllNo
9515The Sun MakersTom Baker26-Nov-7740.0AllNo
9615UnderworldTom Baker07-Jan-7840.0AllNo
9715The Invasion of TimeTom Baker04-Feb-7860.0AllNo
9816The Ribos OperationTom Baker02-Sep-7840.0AllNo
9916The Pirate PlanetTom Baker30-Sep-7840.0AllNo
10016The Stones of BloodTom Baker28-Oct-7840.0AllNo
10116The Androids of TaraTom Baker25-Nov-7840.0AllNo
10216The Power of KrollTom Baker23-Dec-7840.0AllNo
10316The Armageddon FactorTom Baker20-Jan-7940.0AllNo
10417Destiny of the DaleksTom Baker01-Sep-7940.0AllLinkNo
10517City of DeathTom Baker29-Sep-7940.0AllNo
10617The Creature from the PitTom Baker27-Oct-7940.0AllNo
10717Nightmare of EdenTom Baker24-Nov-7940.0AllNo
10817The Horns of NimonTom Baker22-Dec-7940.0AllNo
10917ShadaTom Baker01-Jan-0000.0IncompleteNo
11018The Leisure HiveTom Baker30-Aug-8040.0AllNo
11118MeglosTom Baker27-Sep-8040.0AllNo
11218Full CircleTom Baker25-Oct-8040.0AllNo
11318State of DecayTom Baker22-Nov-8040.0AllNo
11418Warriors' GateTom Baker03-Jan-8140.0AllNo
11518The Keeper of TrakenTom Baker31-Jan-8140.0AllNo
11618LogopolisTom Baker28-Feb-8140.0AllMkv

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