Classic Doctor Who Episode List

This is a constantly updated list of the classic Doctor Who episodes in my collection, complete with episode descriptions and ratings (added when I watch each story; I am working my way through them in broadcast order). It is mainly for my own reference so I can keep track of where I am. If you have any questions regarding this list, or Classic Doctor Who in general, please feel free to contact me.

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00An Unearthly Child (Pilot)William Hartnell31/08/19911AllDVD
11An Unearthly ChildWilliam Hartnell23/11/19634AllDVD
21The DaleksWilliam Hartnell21/12/19637AllDVD
31The Edge of DestructionWilliam Hartnell08/02/19642AllDVD
41Marco PoloWilliam Hartnell22/02/1964730min Cutdown ReconMkv / DVD
51The Keys of MarinusWilliam Hartnell11/04/19646AllMkv
61The AztecsWilliam Hartnell23/05/19644AllDivx
71The SensoritesWilliam Hartnell20/06/19646AllMkv
81The Reign of TerrorWilliam Hartnell08/08/196461-3, (4-5 Ani), 6Divx
92Planet of GiantsWilliam Hartnell31/10/19643AllDivx
102The Dalek Invasion of EarthWilliam Hartnell21/11/19646AllMkv / DVD
112The RescueWilliam Hartnell02/01/19652AllDivx
122The RomansWilliam Hartnell16/01/19654AllDivx
132The Web PlanetWilliam Hartnell13/02/19656AllDivx
142The CrusadeWilliam Hartnell27/03/196541,3Mkv / DVD (VHS Rip)
152The Space MuseumWilliam Hartnell24/04/19654AllMkv / DVD (VHS Rip)
162The ChaseWilliam Hartnell22/05/19656AllDivx
172The Time MeddlerWilliam Hartnell03/07/19654AllDivx
183Galaxy 4William Hartnell11/09/196543 (+1,2,4 Recon)MP4
193Mission to the UnknownWilliam Hartnell09/10/19651Recon/AnimDivx/FLV
203The Myth MakersWilliam Hartnell16/10/19654Recon + AudioDivx
213The Daleks Master PlanWilliam Hartnell13/11/1965122,5,10 + Audio Only CDDivx
223The Massacre of St Bartholomews EveWilliam Hartnell05/02/19664Recon OnlyDivx
233The ArkWilliam Hartnell05/03/19664AllDVD
243The Celestial ToymakerWilliam Hartnell02/04/196641-3 (Recon), 4Divx/DVD
253The GunfightersWilliam Hartnell30/04/19664AllDVD
263The SavagesWilliam Hartnell28/05/19664Recon OnlyDivx
273The War MachinesWilliam Hartnell25/06/19664AllDivx
284The SmugglersWilliam Hartnell10/09/19664Recon OnlyDivx
294The Tenth PlanetWilliam Hartnell08/10/196641,2,3,4(Ani-Recon)Divx

30 Episodes listed (30 owned).
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