Classic Doctor Who Episode Summary

Timelash - Colin Baker

Story 142
Season 22
Title Timelash
Summary On the planet Karfel a high ranking official, Maylin Tekker, uses threats against Peri to force the Doctor to go to Earth and bring back a young woman called Vena who, while holding a precious amulet, has accidentally fallen into the Timelash - a time tunnel through which the planet's tyrannical ruler the Borad banishes all rebels. The Doctor also inadvertently brings back Herbert, a man from the 19th Century, who stows away aboard the TARDIS.
The Borad was once a Karfelon scientist but accidentally sprayed himself with an unstable compound called mustakozene-80 while experimenting on a Morlox - a savage underground reptilian creature - and consequently became half-Karfelon, half-Morlox.
The Borad plans to bring about the deaths of all the Karfelons by provoking a war with their neighbours, the Bandrils, and repopulate the planet with creatures such as himself, starting with Peri. The Doctor uses a kontron time crystal to defeat a clone of the Borad and makes peace with the Bandrils. He then defeats the real Borad by banishing him through the Timelash to 12th Century Scotland.
Doctor Colin Baker
AirDate 09/03/1985
Episodes 2

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