Classic Doctor Who Episode Summary

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy - Sylvester McCoy

Story 155
Season 25
Title The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
Summary The Doctor and Ace head for the Psychic Circus on the planet Segonax, where they meet a disparate group of fellow visitors including a pompous explorer named Captain Cook and his companion Mags and a biker known as Nord.

The Circus itself is dominated by the sinister Chief Clown and his deadly troupe of robot clowns, who organise a talent contest in which all visitors take part. The audience consists of just a single strange family - mother, father and daughter - seated at the ringside. Although hindered by the treacherous Cook, the Doctor eventually discovers that the Circus hides a terrible secret: the family are in reality the Gods of Ragnarok, powerful creatures with an insatiable craving for entertainment who invariably destroy those who fail to please them.

With Ace's help, the Doctor ends the Gods' influence here and returns the Circus to the control of its original hippie owners.
Doctor Sylvester McCoy
AirDate 14/12/1988
Episodes 4

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