mIRC - The GrebMirc Client

During the late 1990s and the early 2000s a group of geek-minded people gathered on a private IRC server, to discuss technical issues, joke around, and generally hang out. Friendships were formed, relationships consummated, and eventually marriages (and divorces!) registered. Twenty years later some of us are still firm friends. It was truly a unique time in our lives.

A lot of that uniqueness and feeling of community stemmed from the customised miRC IRC client we all used. This client was called GrebMirc, and it had many extra fun commands added to it. The author of this client was Peter Armstrong or Greblord as we knew him online.

When he wasn't picking up on peoples grammar or spelling, or arguing about music or web design... and in between bouts of proper work... he'd beaver away on GrebMirc or on his IRC bot, 'It'. I've preserved some screenshots of GrebMirc below for posterity and so that his work, used and enjoyed by many of us for several years, isn't forgotten.

Peter Armstrong died in February 2017, and is sorely missed.