Dance like no-one is watching, and write like no-one is reading...

About Me

Hi, my name is Matt Owen. This website,, is my personal website because in some quarters I am also known as Jaruzel (and have been for many years), but I do not use that on social media (due to its toxic nature), so if you see a 'Jaruzel' in those places, it's not me.

My preferred pronouns are He/Him [not that it, a) matters, or b) is anyone's business...].

I work in IT as an Enterprise Architect, specialising in Identity and Access Management but I am known to design the odd Enterprise-level Active Directory environment. Outside of work, I have interests in (but not limited to):

  • .NET Coding for fun and profit.
  • Retro hardware, especially the Amiga line of computers.
  • Legacy internet protocols, such as Gopher and NNTP.
  • Home Cinema; the building and design, and ultimately the enjoyment of.
  • Woodworking; Although I don't do this nearly enough.
  • Hardware hacking, such as building things out of other things that do things.

About this Site

This site is hand-cranked using a mixture of basic HTML for the page content and page templates and PHP for the rendering and layout. It's deliberately kept fairly simple in style, so I am free to focus on just adding content. The blog section of this site is a custom MetaWebLog engine that I've written, that allows me to post directly from Microsoft Word (betcha didn't know that was possible, huh?). This workflow is suited to me, as I spend my working life using Microsoft Office.

Content wise, I'll put up anything that I think is interesting to me, my rants and raves, and general stuff that no-one else seems to care about.

Contacting Me

The best way to get hold of me is via a DM on Twitter, or you could try emailing me at.