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My Quake 2 Maps

When Quake 2 was all the rage, I dabbled in map making. I created the maps below because I could never find any decent 1-on-1 deathmatch maps. These days they hardly get an outing, but the still-diehard Quake 2 fans might find them useful.

All these maps have been extensively play-tested, and work on the standard version of Quake 2 in Deathmatch Mode.

Grand Central Arena

A large open 'arena' style map with an undergound 'vaults' type area. The Railgun is on plain view in the center of the arena surrounded by lava, requiring a tricky jump to get it. This map has a slight design flaw in that the vaults area is one way, the exit lift should be a staircase, but I never got around to changing it.

3+ Players. - Download 'Grand Central Arena'

Gonna Go Space Crazy!

This map has my own custom Quake 3 style 'springboards' instead of lifts. You run towards them and they instantly catapult you onto a higher platform. Quake 3 players will recognise this maps style from the space maps in Quake 3.

3+ players. - Download 'Gonna Go Space Crazy!'

The Duellists

Orginally a tiny test map from when I was learning how to use Qoole, but ended up being a favourite amongst the players. Players spawn on ledges and can then drop into the action. There are no health pick-ups, just ammo and weapons. With four people in this map it's easy to rack up 100+ frags in 5 mins, it's totally insane! (and yes, the title is from the Iron Maiden song)

2-4 players. - Download 'The Duellists'

Shotgun Frenzy

A small one room map, with two doored off areas containing power-ups. As the power-ups aren't in plain view, and the main weapons are only shotguns, this creates manic and frenzied strafing style combat. Expect the frag count to really rack up on this one. (Keen eyed players may notice the similarity in layout to Unreal Tournaments 'Training' level).

2+ Players. - Download 'Shotgun Frenzy'