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Notes on Coding and Design of the MUD32 Mud Client by Matt Owen

What is MUD32(.NET) ?

Over a decade ago, I decided to write a MUD Engine for Windows, as all the MUD codebases at the time required (or at least favoured) Linux as a host, and needed extensive text-editor skills configure them and to build the game world.

Even though I was happy doing this, I felt that the hobbyist community could benefit from a Windows-centric MUD codebase, complete with a set of GUI tools to build rooms, objects, and NPCs. So, MUD32 was born. Over the course of a few years, I worked on MUD32 during the odd bits of spare time when I found myself stuck in hotel rooms or on trains and airplanes and wanting to kill time.

Eventually MUD32 became feature complete, and completely playable. It had the same sort of feature-set and gameplay as MUD2 or Shades. It was featured in the book Build Your Own Games by Tom Ellard (although without my permission).

Recently, I've wanted to get back into MUD development, so I've started up a new project to initially port MUD32 to the .NET platform, and then to enhance the gameplay to reflect the tastes of the modern MUD player. This blog exists to track this project, to give it a home, and to give it visibility.

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MUD32.NET is a small project to build a new unique MUD Client on the Windows platform, using the .NET framework, and modern gameplay elements.

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