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Item Management

I've decided to re-implement the item management as I had it in the original MUD32.

The original game did not have persistent states for items. When you logged out of the game your player auto dropped all items. Whereas modern MUD players may find this odd, the reason for this was that MUD32 gameplay was based on the original MUD2/Shades gameplay model for items, where players simply wandered the land finding valuable items and depositing them in specific locations for XP. There was no need to keep items in the players inventories across logins. Items would then be unavailable once deposited until a specific re-spawn period had expired, at which tme the item would re-appear in one of a set of locations for each item. To stop people hoarding key items the game 'reset' every 45 minutes and moved players back to the starting locations and put all the items back in their original locations.

These days this sort of gameplay seems simplistic and almost odd - but back in the original days of MUDing this was the accepted way of playing (Before all the D&D players got involved and made everything SO complex. )

So, in order to get the .NET version playable, I'm going to re-implement in the same manner. I do intend to extend the game rules and code into a D20-lite style of gameplay, but that's for later on.

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