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Levelling Up

The scoring system is now working. Each item you find in the world has a value, this value can be converted into points that are added to your score. As your score increases, you level up, as you level up, your strength and health increases. This means that to explore the world fully and survive encounters with higher level monsters and players you need to level up also. Additionally some items in the world are too heavy to be picked up by lower levels so this encourages progression.

Once the gameplay engine is fully working I intend to revisit the mechanics and ensure that the game is balanced. I also want to add some sort of basic achievement system.

Before I get to adding in new features, I need to complete the port of the original feature set, so the next things to tackle are NPCs. They need to be able to hold rudimentary conversations with players, move about on their own, and eventually be (optionally) aggressive and respond to combat. All this was implemented in the old version of MUD32, so needs to be in this version also.

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