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NPCs are Alive!

Basic NPC support is now working. They appear in the locations they are supposed to, and some even wander about aimlessly. If the NPC is in your location you can EXAM them and get a short description. I expanded the TELL system usually used for player-to-player conversation to include the ability to talk to NPCs as well (thanks to the guys on /r/mud over at Reddit for opinions on this).

The idea is that you talk to NPCs in natural language, and if the NPC detects certain keywords or phrases in your text, then you will get back an appropriate response, otherwise you'll get a generic random response in keeping with the NPCs character. The NPC responses are all kept inside a response file, so with a bit of effort, it's possible to create a set of responses for most of the relevant questions.

Ultimately NPCs will also optionally be quest-givers. This will require an update to the dialog parsing sub-system, and I'll have to consider the best way to offer, accept, and track quests. This will be a new feature that wasn't in the original MUD32, so is currently further down the to-do list, after the original feature-set has been re-implemented.

Which brings me onto combat. That's not done at all right now. It's probably going to be the next thing I tackle.

I've also updated the map walker tool I wrote - it's now a proper map editor, with the ability to click on empty spaces on the graphical map to create rooms and link exits. It's still a bit clunky to use but will continue to evolve as time goes on.

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