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Combat and Mapping

I've been putting off re-implementing the combat system for a few weeks now, and along with the Christmas and New Year break, nothing much has happened on the MUD32 front. I know the combat system will take a bit of dedicated time to get right and finding that block of time right now to code it is tricky.

What I have been doing is playing with ideas to procedurally generate areas. As I'm building this alone, creating each room manually is not achievable so the best option here is to write something that can build generic areas, and then all I have to do is focus on creating core rooms in those areas that have the real content in. This will give the MUD a feeling of size, and will also provide areas for roaming NPCs as combat-fodder.

Ultimately what I really want is a tool that lets me build areas like a Visio block chart - 100% drag and drop. It's a shame that Visio doesn't support a decent parseble export format as that would be ideal. It looks like I will probably just have to carry on developing the Mapping Tool I've written - as the old adage goes, if you want something done right, do it yourself...

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