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Complete Change of Direction...

A short while ago, I was reading one of my favourite forums for MUD discussion, and one of the posters said something like this:

"The last thing we need is a new MUD Codebase - there's already too few players as it is. We really don't want them to be fractured even further."

And it dawned on me. That poster is 100% right. We should be focusing on making access to the existing 1000s of MUDs easier, not adding more servers.

So, with immediate effect, I am no longer working on MUD32. It's done. I've learnt a lot of coding techniques since I first started writing a MUD server, so all is not lost. However, as a product there is no requirement for yet another MUD server. So it's done. No, I won't be releasing the source.


I am now writing a MUD client. Something full of modern features such as:
  • Full ANSI Support
  • Proper TELNET negotiation
  • Logging
  • Button Bars
  • Triggers and Scripting
  • Filtered Output
It's still in very early stages of development at the moment, but it currently looks like this:

It also doesn't have a name... suggestions on a postcard please. :)

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