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Fast Attack

Heavy Support

This is Work In Progress (WIP) on Coprus, my Chaos Lord. He's basically a modified Typhus, green stuff work on his backpack to have it spewing out filth, and one hand free - not sure what to put in the fist just yet.

This is Work In Progress (WIP) on my first Chaos Land Raider. The Model used to belong to my Godson, who played Khorne. Fortunately for me, he hasn't played in a while, and gave it to me for christmas, along with the terminators (below)

It's currently in a semi-painted state, and has undergone "nurglification" :)

The Erosion has been created by drilling repeatedly with different-sized drills. The Chains and hanged man came from my bits box. The banners are made out of thick tinfoil from a scalpel packet. The Plague carrier censer is made out of an old barrel and what looks like the handle from a snotling pump wagon. The Nurgling is 1989 vintage. Green stuff has been used to make all the bits that look green (duh :))

This is Work In Progress (WIP) on my Posessed. Most of these models are based on the old Realm of Chaos Champions from 1989. The one exception is the standard Plague marine with the fly growing out of his back (Flymarine). The Fly is a standard RoC champion with RTB01 Bolter and an old Spacefarers hatch cover for wings. Rackwing is RoC champion with Chaos Tank bits for wings, covered in thick tinfoil from a scalpel packet. His weapon is a plasma pistol, probably an old Asgard miniatures one. Carrion is an old RoC champion with a carrion bird growing from his back and an old dark future bolter attached to his halberd. Maggotbreath has a RTB01 bolter attached to his halberd and a backpack made up from bits - mainly an orion starship from the old star trek range.
Flymarine Flymarine The Fly The Fly
Rackwing Rackwing Carrion Carrion
Maggotbreath Maggotbreath

This is Work In Progress (WIP) on my Chosen Terminators. These were given to me by my Godson and were originally meant to be khornate. Muahahaha Nurgle claims another soul! I've done some basic greenstuff work on these, and a bit of conversion on the Champion (Plague Sword, Nurgling infestation) and Standard bearer (Plague Banner, Flesh-stripped head, suit oozing filth)
Champion Champion Plague Sword Nurgly Shoulderpad

This is Work In Progress (WIP) on my Plague Marines. I got hold of some of the old nurgle plague marines very cheap, but decided they were a bit too boring as standalone miniatures, so I've taken it upon myself to convert every one. I've added an Aspiring champion which is unconverted, and an old RTB01 marine with skeletal bits...
Ribhead Ribhead Ribhead Ribhead
Ribhead Standard Bearer Standard Bearer Standard Bearer
S**thead S**thead S**thead Skelly
Aspiring Champ Cutbeak S**thead Cutbeak S**thead

This is Work In Progress (WIP) on my nurglings. These are nurglings that I sculpted to save money :) I guess they'll look a lot better once they're painted...
nurgling nurgling nurgling nurgling