Classic Doctor Who Episode Summary

The Awakening - Peter Davidson

Story 132
Season 21
Title The Awakening
Summary An alien war machine, the Malus, is affecting the inhabitants of the English country village of Little Hodcombe in 1984 so that a re-enactment of a Civil War battle turns into the real thing. The Malus's aim is to gather sufficient psychic energy to activate itself fully.

The TARDIS travellers arrive to meet Tegan's grandfather - one of the villagers - but become involved in the machinations of Sir George Hutchinson, who is in thrall to the Malus. The battle in 1643 becomes linked through time to 1984 and Will Chandler, a youth from the earlier time, finds himself in the present day. The Malus is defeated when Will pushes Sir George to his death.
Doctor Peter Davidson
AirDate 19/01/1984
Episodes 2

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