Classic Doctor Who Episode List

This is a constantly updated list of the classic Doctor Who episodes in my collection, complete with episode descriptions and ratings (added when I watch each story; I am working my way through them in broadcast order). It is mainly for my own reference so I can keep track of where I am. If you have any questions regarding this list, or Classic Doctor Who in general, please feel free to contact me.

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11719CastrovalvaPeter Davidson04/01/19824AllNo
11819Four to DoomsdayPeter Davidson18/01/19824AllNo
11919KindaPeter Davidson01/02/19824AllNo
12019The VisitationPeter Davidson15/02/19824AllNo
12119Black OrchidPeter Davidson01/03/19822AllNo
12219EarthshockPeter Davidson08/03/19824AllNo
12319Time FlightPeter Davidson22/03/19824AllNo
12420Arc of InfinityPeter Davidson03/01/19834AllNo
12520SnakedancePeter Davidson18/01/19834AllNo
12620Mawdryn UndeadPeter Davidson01/02/19834AllNo
12720TerminusPeter Davidson15/02/19834AllNo
12820EnlightenmentPeter Davidson01/03/19834AllNo
12920The King's DemonsPeter Davidson15/03/19832AllNo
13020The Five DoctorsPeter Davidson25/11/19831AllDVD
13121Warriors of the DeepPeter Davidson05/01/19844AllDVD
13221The AwakeningPeter Davidson19/01/19842AllDVD
13321FrontiosPeter Davidson26/01/19844AllNo
13421Resurrection of the DaleksPeter Davidson08/02/19842AllDVD
13521Planet of FirePeter Davidson23/02/19844AllDVD (VHS Rip)
13621The Caves of AndrozaniPeter Davidson08/03/19844AllNo

20 Episodes listed (5 owned).
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